Billboard expands global footprint by launching Billboard China

August 9, 2022 0 Comments

Billboard, a music and entertainment magazine globally known for its music charts, has recently announced the launch of the Billboard brand in China. The move marks the magazine’s further expansion in Asia, following Billboard Japan and Billboard Korea. Billboard enters the Chinese market while a range of western brands and internet-based services such as Amazon’s Kindle e-bookstore, Airbnb, LinkedIn and Yahoo pulls out of China.

“We look forward to providing a platform for Chinese musicians to share their art and unique sound amongst a global audience,” Billboard President Mike Van said in a press release announcing the news, adding that the new edition will additionally aid in bringing global pop music to Chinese fans.

The Master Collection will be a part of the Billboard China’s launch as well. Master Collection will serve as a bank of resources from industry leaders such as music critics, producers and artists to deliver a professional perspective on Chinese music, according to Billboard.

The first official cover story for Billboard China is set to be published later this week via Chinese social platform Weibo, on which Billboard China has already created an account named “Billboard_official” in July, with more than 46000 followers.

Billboard has previously entered the Chinese market in September 2016, when it formed a partnership with Vision Music, a Guangzhou based media company focusing on entertainment, fashion, lifestyle and sports in China. The partnership allowed Vision Music to run an online magazine, which has stopped updating in 2020.


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