Tencent’s WeChat tests ride-hailing function

July 22, 2022 0 Comments

China’s most popular messaging app and super app, WeChat, has recently added a new ride-hailing function to its existing abundant services. The function, named “Tencent Travel Service”, aggregates several ride-hailing third party providers, designated driver services, and car rentals.

Unlike other ride hailing platforms, the Tencent Travel Service, which is currently only available inside WeChat and Tencent Maps, does not provide its own drivers. The Service connects riders to drivers from multiple providers, including Caocao, Yangguang, Shouqi and T3. Notably, drivers from Didi, Feidi and Huaxiaozhu — three Didi-related ride hailing providers — are available in Tencent Maps, but not on WeChat.

WeChat’s Tencent Travel Service is currently operating in several first-tier cities in China, such as Shanghai, Beijing and Wuhan.

The launch of Tencent Travel Service comes after a US$1.2 billion fine was imposed on Didi, China’s ride-hailing industry leader. Didi has been deemed to multiple cybersecurity violations including privacy invasion and threatening national security by the Cyberspace Administration of China.

Notably, Huawei, China’s ICT conglomerate, has also tapped into the ride hailing market recently. Huawei launched “Petal Travel” in its membership center for beta testing in Beijing, Shenzhen and Nanjing. Similar to Tencent Travel Services, Petal Travel also acts as an aggregation platform, and offers four types of rides, including economy, comfort, business (6-seater) and luxury.

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